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"Landlocked Wonders: Kazakhstan's Unique Geographical Challenge"

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Kazakhstan is a landlocked country with out a sea. This means that Kazakhstan can't participate in sea trade, that significantly limits the economic system. But Kazakhstan is exploring new change routes, along with the North Sea Route, that could offer get entry to to the Arctic Ocean. In addition, Kazakhstan is searching out opportunities to divert trade routes far from Russia.

In the world, with a place of ​​about 2,724,900 rectangular kilometres, twice as huge as four other Central Asian countries and 60% large than Alaska Kazakhstan is bordered by means of the subsequent countries and waters.

The disadvantages of not having acces to maritime trade may include:

Increased transportation fees: Landlocked nations face high transportation costs, which may be highly-priced in phrases of imports and exports. This reduces the competitiveness of Kazakhstan’s exports, and imports can grow to be extra high priced.

Transportation delays: Landlocked international locations also revel in transportation delays, which could similarly complicate imports and exports. This can result in longer lead times and extra efficiencies within the deliver chain.

Despite its small territory as a landlocked Kazakhstan has made outstanding efforts to diversify its financial system. One of the example is transport and logistics as Kazakhstan is emerging as a main transport and logistics hub in the vicinity, connecting the quick-developing principal markets of China and South Asia with the markets of Russia and Western Europe with the aid of roads, railways and ports on the Caspian Sea.

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